While working as a sculptor I found painting a relaxing alternative to the heavy labour of working with stone. 

Making compositional plans for a painting and executing preliminary sketches also helped me to hone the important graphic skills I needed to plan and execute sculpture works. The seeking of forms and visions to paint in two dimensions helped towards three dimensional ideas. Here is a collection of finished paintings and sketches. 

I made far more money from painting than sculpting and even sold two paintings to the Office of Public Works here in Ireland. Some of the paintings depicted here are now in collections in the U.S. and Europe.

Tuscan Year
Oil on Canvas
Parsons collection,

The Bather
Oil on Canvas

Memories of East Clare
Oil o Canvas
McCormack collection, Chicago

Dreaming. Oil on Board

Burren Dream I
Oil on Canvas

Burren Dream II
Oil on Canvas

Burren Dream III
Oil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas

After the Flood II
Oil on Canvas

East Clare Scene
Oil on Board

Oil on Board

David and Medb
Oil on Canvas

Loop Head
Oil on Canvas

East Clare. Oil on Board

Oil on Canvas

Norwegian Journey
Oil on Canvas


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