Video Compositions

The Music

This is my version of the Massive Attack tune “Safe from Harm”. There are two guitar tracks on Nylon Strings and and one ‘overdriven’ electric. All were recorded direct digital with compression and amp modeling created afterwards. There are 19 other tracks of synth effects including a gregorian choir. All drum sequencing and synth sculptures were devised by me.

The Video

I have used an updated version of iMovie to edit the video together. There are some great effects like ‘X-ray’ and ‘negative’ which can be seen toward the end on the electric guitar solo. The ‘Space’ photography is all mine. They are photos taken of the moon a couple of weeks ago. They were then doctored by me on iPhoto and blended into the video.

Baby Steps

Using the stranger footage I shot in Madrid recently, mixed with some Tokyo photography, I came up with this video for my latest musical composition. I have used a cello (played by me…..No training!), which I recorded using an NT1A  Rode, condenser mic, in my bathroom. The audio was heavily treated with every modulation effect at my disposal and audio inverting reversing techniques. Medb my youngest daughter, provides the vocal along with me. The compositional approach was to record random voices, manipulate the sound intensely and mix it all over a deep ambient synth- ground, and percussion.


A new musical composition with video


A frenetic tune with frenetic visuals.

As an end of Semester project I composed a soundtrack for the movie “Resonance un-Directed”

The brief was to use as many aspects of LogicPro 9 tools as we could. Emphasis was placed on using ‘snap’ feature to synch changes in the visuals with the beat or changes in the music. Demonstration of ability to use,

  • Screen sets,
  • Auxiliary channels,
  • ‘Buses’ and sends,
  • Region loops,
  • Automations,
  • Quantization,
  • tempo changes,
  • digital Efx’x

were also assessed.

Five audio samples were allowed from the web (see references). I used these and then manipulated them using “Logic Pro 9” to get other effects such as the red water effect.

Compositional Approach

Visuals were frenetic, fast moving, fast changing, and had a dark and sinister feeling, for me. I chose sounds and effects that would , I hoped, create those feelings in the listener. Hence, my music is made up of mainly ‘agitated’ and ‘deep’ sounds.

I made extensive use of reverb and echo to create a ‘scary’ mood on an auxiliary channel I named ‘Reverb Channel’. The impulse was to create multiple noises that synched with the abrupt changes in the video. I did this at some specific places.

Using the ‘Ultrabeat’ instrument, I created an ‘out of time’ drum pattern, I hoped to disorientate the listener. I used the eastern/indian drum kit, again in an attempt to disturb the listener with unfamiliar drum sounds. I sent a large portion of that signal to the reverb Auxiliary track I created. Sound sculpt synth was used to create more extreme noises such as the bird screech. All other synth sounds were picked from the library on the basis of what I felt were their ability to reflect the ‘texture’ and ‘mood’ of the visuals. I added effects of my own to all these channel strips and sent varying portions of them to the reverb Aux.

I chose four audio samples which i felt could be used in specific memorable events on the video. I chose an explosion [pushtobreak (2006)] to use with the initial explosive burst at the beginning ( 00:06:05.14). I chose a bell [hanstimm (2006)] noise to create an ephemeral mood. I was then able to reverse a portion of this bell audio sample, and slow it down, to create two effects, one for the ‘red water’ at (01:10:07.36) and one as an abrupt stopping noise for disappearing shots in the graphics at (01:21:20.36 and 01:30:00.52)). The wind audio heard at the beginning(00:03:15.73), was also inverted, reversed and the gain adjusted. A short cut of this effected sample was then used at the end of the second explosion ( NoiseCollector 2005 “Boom1.wav ).


hanstimm (2006) “singing bowls bolHTc.aiff” at [aiff online], available:

pushtobreak (2006) “Earth Wind Fire Water pack 1 Earth1.aif” at [aif online], available

HerbertBoland (2007) “HeartbeatEnhanced.wav “at [wav file online], available

NoiseCollector 2005 “Boom1.wav “at [wav file online], available:

Resonance (2011), ‘Resonance un-Directed’, available at: [accessed: 5 November 2012]


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