Software Development

Algorithmic Composition Using Processing

Input the text….make music with letters!

Graphic interface Development

Beginning to develop a user interface for controlling the pitch/tempo of a sound output. Using minim library in Processing

Jingle Composer APP

This is an app I’m working on. Write a jingle, store it as a midi file, playback features. Using Processing and the Sound Cipher library.

Trigonometry teacher. (interactive software).

Thought I’d try and combine all the things we’ve learnt in our programming module, into one piece of software. It is an attempt to better understand and revise trigonometry for the maths module of my undergraduate studies. I made a program that ‘almost’ illustrates the changing lengths of the sides in  an equilateral triangle. As the angles of the triangle are changed. I was trying to illustrate the relationship between the angles and lengths of the sides. I used the cosine rule for determining the angles and the equation for determining the midpoint of a line on a cartesian plain. The equations weren’t too difficult to convert to processing code and the process of trying it was a good lesson in algebra, (I couldn’t use any actual values). The cosine equation does compute a value but keeps giving the message NaN. Which I believe means “Not a real Number” in ‘Processing‘ terms.  So the idea almost works. Here’s the code and a screen shot. I will upload the full application when I work out how!


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